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Hey everyone, here's a mod contact post.

You can use it to talk to me, ask me things, let me know when you want something deleted and if there's arguments going on on the meme.
From: (Anonymous)
Just a general question, since I understand the free for all post doesn't make trigger warnings compulsory on either prompts or fills:

Can we still post fills for prompts from the free for all to the regular fill post (in which case I imagine the fills would require warnings) or is there going to be another warning-free fill post as well?
From: (Anonymous)
Maybe either warnings, or 'CNTW' - choose not to warn?

So then people will either know what's there or know it's at their own risk, and everything's in the same place?
From: (Anonymous)
Or even just labelled FFA or Free for all
From: (Anonymous)
Did we ever get a mod policy on this?
From: (Anonymous)
I've been wondering that too - really don't want to post in the wrong place.
From: (Anonymous)
That works for me.
From: (Anonymous)
I'm not the mod but I run the archive and everything is going up there (tagged) so people will be able to find fics that way, if that helps. Otherwise I think either warning for common triggers or making clear you aren't listing warnings should be OK. Though again, I'm not the mod.
From: (Anonymous)
Or make a second fill post instead so people who are easily triggered can avoid it entirely?
From: (Anonymous)
I think CNTW or including warnings means no one should have anything to worry about. Even people easily triggered.
From: (Anonymous)
Has any decision been made on this yet?



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