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So, this is, as a test, the first free-for all prompt post. The place for people to post their more extreme kink requests or any prompts that they have been made too uncomfortable to post on the regular prompt post due to the large amount of requests for trigger warnings.

I am also, as a test as well, going to copy prompts from the other prompt posts that have to be screened due to lack of warnings, but don't break the rules, into this post since no one has ever reposted a screened prompt and it was mentioned in the discussion of this idea that it might be because people were afraid to/put-off.

I, as mod, am all kinds of supportive of people who have triggers, but the meme needs to be a place for everyone and I can't just protect one side and keep the other feeling uncomfortable.

There will be no mandatory trigger warnings on this post. I cannot possibly stress this enough. This does not mean that people aren't allowed to use them if they want to, or as a courtesy, but they are not required.

So I implore you, if you have triggers, are easily triggered, please tread carefully and maybe avoid this post all together. Because there will also not be any trigger warning requests or screening for triggers on this post. If you look through it anyway, that is your own responsibility.

The rules of the other prompt posts, which are as follows, still apply.

No wank
No kink-shaming
Be respectful to everyone
As lenient as we'll be on this post, prompts containing people under the age of 16 in sexual situations will still not be accepted.
The mod is not your babysitter
Keep the discussions on the prompt post to a minimum and use the discussion post instead.

Announcement: A blanket spoiler warning is necessary for prompts pertaining to season 2. Just season 2 Spoilers in the subject line will do.

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Date: 2014-05-19 12:32 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I would dearly love a fic where Athos falls in the hands of the bad guys, is raped both with cocks and a pistol barrel and then is pissed on by his captors.

If possible, I'd love Treville to be the one he tells what's happened/helps him, but that's optional.

Happy with any sort of slash pairing as an adjunct to this or gen. Either would be fab.

Aramis/omc non-con

Date: 2014-05-19 01:00 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Aramis says he definitely earned his entry fee for the contest. I'd like something where Madame's husband is only indifferent to her, and they have an arrangement whereby she is quite happy to seduce and select a man for him. She sleeps with them the first time, while he watches in secret, and if he likes what he sees, the second time she invites them to her home, she lets her husband have them. Perhaps she ties them to the bed before she lets her husband in and then she leaves and feigns ignorance of what happens, or she drugs them, or she pretends to be fearful of her husband's reprisals if they refuse. Either way, I would like an unwilling Aramis surprised by the husband who then spends the night fucking Aramis and using other objects on him. I'd like it if one of the others finds out and extracts the truth from him, after they catch him undressing and he initially tries to pass the bruises off as being from the fight with the guards, but he has large fingerprint bruises and a bitemark or something.
From: (Anonymous)
Basically one character really gets off on the fact that their partner is asleep, or totally limp and unresponsive and, uh, yeah.

Could be a negotiated thing where they discuss this ahead and they're like OK this is what you can and can't do and the active partner does it right and respects every limit and all. Or you could take the darker route where it's unconsciousness + non-con.

*slinks away nervously*
From: (Anonymous)
This isn't kinky, but I'm gonna give this a shot here because I feel like it might put a lot of people off.

When word of their affair gets out at court, Aramis is afraid that Anne or the child will get hurt (remember he knows the Cardinal ordered her assassination for much less.) Hoping to deflect the blame from them, he claims in his confession that he forced himself on Anne at the monastery. Anne denies everything in front of the king, but at this point Richelieu has already decided to use this opportunity to discredit the Musketeers and have them disbanded for good, because if one of them acts like this, what can you expect from the rest?

So he forces Aramis to describe in detail what he's supposedly done to Anne in a public trial, has him imprisoned and set for public execution in front of a crowd that believes he's the lowest of the low. (At this point feel free to add any amount of prison torture, basically this should be as horrible and heartbreaking as possible.)

I'd absolutely love a story from the POV of Aramis' friends and loved ones trying to salvage what they can in the days leading up to his execution. Anne and Treville using what influence they still have to make things easier for him. Athos standing up for his friend publically, despite the fact that it's likely to get him in trouble. He and Porthos and D'Artagnan trying to come up with a last minute rescue plan and Constance posing as one of Aramis' mistresses to visit him in prison and act as messenger. Whether or not the execution goes ahead is completely up to the author, I'm just here for their desperate, race-against-time attempts to save their friend.

tl;dr To take the blame off Anne and the child for their affair, Aramis claims that he forced himself on her. Richelieu wants to use this to have the Musketeers disbanded, and has Aramis arrested, tortured and set for public execution. His friends try to rescue him.

OT3 or OT3 - Incest Play

Date: 2014-05-19 10:37 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
The boys ramp up the kink one night by pretending that they really are brothers while they're in bed. They all find this alarmingly hot.

Aramis/Any, blowjobs, choking

Date: 2014-05-20 12:54 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I have a kink fifty miles wide for blowjobs where the person giving them is held in place and fucked until they start gagging, and something tells me Aramis would look really pretty doing this.

(I'd prefer if this was a consensual thing with Aramis and his partner(s) really getting off on it)

Athos/Treville Daddy kink

Date: 2014-05-20 03:41 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Athos and Trevine are in a very happy and healthy relationship with lots of mutually tender sex. Occasionally though, to deal with Athos's love for being dominated/punished as well as his emotional issues around being the least favourite son, they indulge in a bit of Daddy kink. Being so in control is a big turn on for Treville.

Aramis non-con, with others forced to watch

Date: 2014-05-20 05:37 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
We've had Aramis getting consensually fucked by a stranger while Porthos watches, and a few non-conoccasions where the others find out later.

I'd like something where he's assaulted and either one or all of the others are forced to watch. Especially if it just starts out with some suggestive comments from the bad guy, when they've all been captured, and then later touching, and it finally it ends up with a full blown assault. But I want Aramis to stay strong and in character, maybe even taunting his attacker, or killing him at the end.
From: (Anonymous)
A hurting, drunk, and angry at the world and everything in it Athos, attacks, and rapes d`Artagnan.

Athos is utterly unlike himself, a dark a carnal beast in using his body and brutalizing d`Artagnan who can hardly believe that this is really happening.

When Athos finally passes out, d`Artagnan flees wanting to pretend it never happened, but such secrets can not remain hidden for long, especially when Aramis and Porthos find him trying to treat his injuries and dispose of bloody breeches.

Athos recollection of the assult is groggy however the blood and semen on his floor and body leave him deeply shaken and when he comes across a bruised, pale, and deeply haunted d`Artagnan his worst fears are brought to light.

Some how the four of them have to work this out, work through this, or they will be ripped apart forever.

Ambiguous ending is acceptable, though I`m a lame ass sucker for happy endings, and some how working in a OT4 slash? as the guys try to rebuild their relationships and work through this, I want Athos to be hurting as much as d`Art, with his guilt and self loathing, maybe even contemplating suicide in the aftermath of his actions and the guys, perhaps d`Artagnan specifically stopping him and telling him that such an act will not make amends and that only though living can he do so.


Date: 2014-05-20 09:53 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Homosexuality was very much considered a crime in the seventeenth century, punishable by death, and those who were gay were made to believe they were disgusting and unnatural.

D`Artagnan is gay, always has been, and hates himself for it, he trys to fall for women, his fling with Milady, doomed romance with Constance.
But his heart lays elsewhere, he desperately yearns for the Musketeers, craving them deeply and painfully.

To try and combat his feelings, he punishes himself, starving himself, flogging himself, cutting, and burning his arms to try and purge his sin from himself.

The Musketeers ar`nt stupid, as d`Artagnan grows thinner, weaker, and seems to be in constant pain they know something is wrong and are detirmind to find out what.

On discovering what he is doing to himself, and the reasons for it they set about showing him that there is NOTHING wrong with his feelings no matter what the Church preaches, and welcome him into the relationship they have enjoyed for years.
From: (Anonymous)
One thing Milady and Athos had in common, was their taste in men, often in their brief marriage they would bring a young pretty lad to their bed to play with and enjoy.

Of course after Thomas`s murder and all Miladys past came out everything went to hell, then along came d`Artagnan five years later, briefly sleeping with Milady, and worming his way into Athos heart.

Milady knows this, came see Athos love for the boy, the Fatherly pride, the Brotherly affection, friendly rivalry, but most importantly the lovers passion.
She is not a fool, she knows the best way to hurt someone is to hurt what they care for the most.

Head aching, wrists and ankles bound, Athos finds himself a captive audience before a bed where d`Artagnan is bound and laid bare, with Milady ready to unleash her cruelty upon him in ways neither of them will ever forget.

Athos is not sure what frightens him the most, the cat of nine tails clasped in Miladys hand, the irons heating in the fire, or the long metal shafts she will use to rape d`Artagnan before him.

I`m thinking something truly horrific here, with Athos helpless to stop Milady as she tortures and rapes d`Artagnan in front of him, maybe even making him decide what she does next, be it to burn his face or his chest, to lash him or to brand him.
D`Artagnan repeatedly telling Athos not to blame himself and spitting insults at Milady all the way through refusing to loose his Gascon fire and pride.
Then after they get free, or she lets them go, or they are rescued, how the two of them heal each other.

very rough sex

Date: 2014-05-22 03:21 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I'm talking about no holds barred fucking, not non con (maybe a touch dub con?) Where the person being fucked is struggling on the edge of their limits, and the one doing the fucking has finally been able to abandon all restraint with a bed partner for the first time.

Bottom!Aramis with Porthos and/or Athos.

Tainted Love Twisted Lust

Date: 2014-05-22 03:34 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
There is a serial killer on the loose in the streets of Paris.

He is intelligent, methodical, twisted, and deadly.

His M.O. is to first stalk his prey, much like a hunter, following them, learning about them, admiring them.
Then he will play with them, sending them gifts, and drawing of themselves to let them know he is watching, always watching, finally, he abducts them, tortures, mutilates, and rapes, and kills them over a period of three to five days, leaving whats left of their corpse spread out in a Church to be found with a note saying that they are now in Heavon.

The Musketeers are desperate to find this killer, the Cardinal is breathing down their necks, the king is anxious, Treville pushing them hard to get Richelieu off his back, and the people frightend.

However things take a dangerous turn when d`Artagnan suddenly starts to receive drawings and gifts, and then vanishes into thin air, now Aramis, Athos, and Porthos have got to save d`Artagnan from this maniac within three to five days or he will be added to the list of victims.

Gen is ok but I`d prefer Athos/d`Artagnan or OT3/D`Artagnan it`ll up the angst with him being taken

forced prostitution

Date: 2014-05-22 03:38 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Aramis sells himself to obtain what he needs to help one of his friends when they're injured. They find out.

(Perhaps they've been captured and Aramis needs his sewing kit back from the men holding them, or they're hiding from their pursuers and the person 'helping' only agrees to help for a price.)

Athos/Porthos/Aramis Ageplay

Date: 2014-05-22 07:13 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Sometimes one or other of them needs to stop being a grown up for a while. Athos tired of giving orders, letting Aramis brush his hair and put him to bed. Porthos curling up against Athos' legs to be read to. Aramis catching a cold and spending two days a needy mess while Porthos feeds him soup. Athos and his two incorrigible wards. Porthos teaching card cheats to bb Athos~

Would love it if they took turns in different roles, switching off supporting each other and being supported.

please entirely consensual. Sexual ageplay also okay, if handled as ageplay not pretend pedo.
From: (Anonymous)
Athos, Aramis, and Porthos are all Alphas, they are fine with it, they have the added agression, the strength, but they can control it and live with it, work along side each other no problem.
D`Artagnan is an Omega, which is fine, he can deal with his heats on his own, drugs himself and sleeps though them, and he can wok along side his Alpha Musketeer friends no problem.

Then his heat comes early, in the middle of no where, in a storm and the only place to get shelter is a single roomed cabin,

Now there are Three Alphas very aroused and rapidly knotting, and one Omega writhing on the floor, legs spread thighs damp with his natural fluid, skin flushed, and begging his need!.

What can they do?...

All the Alphas claim d`Atagnan, fuck him, knot him, even double and tipple knot him with double and tripple penertration, until finally the heat fever brakes and after the four of them come back to their senses they come to two rather shocking dicovery and realisation.
All four of them are now bonded, soul bonded to each other, and d`Artagnan is pregnant, pregnant by all three Alphas all of whom put a litter in him!.

Try explaining this one to Treville!, They need to get a home ready for the births of the babies, and most of all, Athos, Aramis and Porthos need to care for and Protect d`Artagnan who is now THEIR omega and his so highly fertile he can conceive three litters from three Alphas at once, many people will be interested in him for that, to make use of him as a brood mare or to capture and sell him as a brood mare.

Really want an explicit OT4 SLASH and Mpreg, the size of the ltters in fillers choice, I just want lots of basic Omega and Alpha responses, and d`Artagnan to be in danger of being abducted and sold as a super fertile Omega to the highest bidder.
Then super cute nesting in their Parisian home make ready fo the babies, and the birth of the little ones cause they would all make such beautiful babies
From: (Anonymous)
okay, saw a prompt where the duke would demand more than an apology from Athos, and I would just like to take it astep further.
Threatening to ruin the peace, the duke wants to do whatever he will to Athos. fuck him, hold him down and choak him. beat him and just led out all that anger he bears through that episode.

Athos just accepts and lets him do it, knowing Porthos is just outside the door listening to it all, but was told to not interfere. it pains him physically and mentally but knows it might hurts Porthos more since he can do nothing.

when he is finished the duke all but throws Athos out the door and Porthos nearly has to carry him home. they don't tell aramis, he doesn't need more bad remories to link with savoy.

rape fantasy, explicit consent

Date: 2014-05-25 03:22 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I would love to see any characters of the writer's choice acting out a rape fantasy that's explicitly consented to by both (all) parties and properly negotiated beforehand (if you want to include the negotiation itself that would be a bonus, I love that kind of stuff).

Athos/d`Artagnan BDSM Master and slave play

Date: 2014-05-25 09:00 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
They`ve been together a while, and they`ve experimented with a few things, but now they want to try something really different and exciting.

Something kinky and dark

They want to be Master and Slave

Athos as the obvious Master and d`Artagnan as his captured slave complete with a studded collar about his throat and leash upon which Athos pulls him.
He has to sit at his Masters feet do his Masters bidding, suck him off on command, strip down and present himself to his Master, even fuck himself on his fingers if demanded and make sure he tells his master that he is HIS heart body and soul while doing so.
But if Athos is not satisfied then the Master must punish the slave.

Out come the whips which are lashed over d`Artagnans bared backside and back, cock ring to prevent him coming, the needles to prick and pierce his flesh, the manacles restraining his arms and legs digging into his flesh, and of course Athos cock inside him, fucking him and coming repeatedly without giving d`Artagnan release until he begging and pleading for it.

They are both totaly concential with this, no dub con or non con, just two adults having adult fun
If filler can think of other ways Athos can punish slave d`Art go for it!
From: (Anonymous)
I did post this on the regular kink meme, but I think it`s more fitting here.

They`ve all got ishues, they all have problems, the`ve all be damaged by the world, and they love each other, and will heal each other as best they can.

Porthos hurts for Mother, his lost childhood, the degradation he suffered, the starving, and sickness, and suffering, he tries to cope with a large smile and a devil may care attitude, but sometimes it gets to much and he lashes out, beating his fists into walls until his fingers are bloody and broken, flogging himself with a whip, getting into any fight just so he can get beaten down.

Aramis is hurting from Isobelles desertion and Marsacs, the masacre of savoy, to cope he whores, fucking women, any woman letting them do what they want, letting men fuck him, beat him, and rape him if they wish just to blot out all the horrors of savoy from his mind.

Athos drinks to forget, downs wine so fast it chokes him, sickens him, he was`nt it to fill his lungs and drown him so he can be free of his pain, his misery, his evil murderous wife.

D`Artagnan can`t handle failer, in any form, he strives for unachieveble perfection, starving himself to the point of collasping, cutting his forearms and thighs when he messess up, the blood pouring giving him some relief from his torment.

Eventually the four notice each others behavior, Porthos and Aramis see each other first, and take it upon themselves to help each other, thus help themselves, after that they bring Athos in, and slowly bring him out of his wine and brandy soaked misery, then finally they rescue their Gascon soothing his pain and teaching him to love himself aswell as them.

Lots of angst hurt comfort slash I love it!

Date: 2014-05-27 06:44 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
As far as I can tell, we haven't had any fic yet for Gallagher.

I'd love something between him and Athos, maybe with Athos only injuring, not killing him, and conspiring with the Mother Superior to save his life in return for information about Milady.

There was clear respect between the two of them, and I'd love to see them playing off each other in fic. Slash or gen would be equally wonderful.

Coerced sex/dubcon kink

Date: 2014-05-28 04:20 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I'd love to see some coerced sex (dubcon) with any of the main four. I'm in this for the kink value though, rather than hurt/comfort.

Anorexic D`Artagnan Hurt/comfort Force feeding

Date: 2014-05-28 08:56 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Following the break up with Constance and loosing his farm to Labarge, despite having obtained his commission from the King, d`Artagnan falls into a deep depression, and begins starving himself, easily falling into a dangerous enjoyment of the light headed euphoria and emptiness it gives him, relishing how his clothes become looser and his bones more prominent.

Blinded to how sick he is becoming, d`Artagnan pushes himself harder and harder, surviving and less and less food, avoiding eating whenever possible and purging when he can not, but struggling to hide the shaking of his hands, stomach cramps, the bouts of dizzy spells and fainting he is suffering.

Athos, Porthos, and Aramis are not blind, they can see how ill d`Artagnan is, and how weak he is becoming, following yet another collapse they take matters into their own hands destirmind to make d`Artagnan well again no matter what, even if that means having to tie him to a bed and literally force food down his throat to keep him alive.

Would really like this to become slash, Athos/d`Art or OT3/D`Art with the others being firm with him with loving aswell, holding him when he`s crying and soothing him, but not letting him starve himself now matter how hard he trys to resist.
Maybe one of them, could have suffered with anorexia in the past, Aramis after Savoy, or perhaps Athos late Brother Thomas had struggled with Anorexia giving them past experiance with which to help d`Artagnan.

The slash is not mandatory but very appreciated


Date: 2014-05-29 04:30 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
OT3/OT4 stuffing please? *hides*

One or more of the Musketeers all full of good food and drink. Burping, bloating, even farting or throwing up are all good. Not weight-gain, but consensual and enjoying being so very full?

Healing cock in action (d'Artagnan/Athos)

Date: 2014-05-29 08:11 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
D'Artagnan suffers from something (preferably not A,B,O-related heat) that makes him beg for Athos' to fuck him thoroughly through it. Athos finds that his cock gives d'Artagnan relief, and release...
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